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Research has shown that the way to get rid of cellulite is disappointingly simple. Instead of relying on some exotic imported cream made up of herbs with strangely sounding names, getting rid of cellulite is something you have to work form the inside out. Definitely, the way of ridding yourself of those offending cells for ever and in a long-term fashion is to exercise. A simple exercise program that involves a brief aerobic session followed up by an equally brief weight training work out is all you need. Do this three times a week and you might be amazed at the results. Why the majority of people don’t succeed is simply because they get distracted away from their program thus breaking with consistency.

The workout would then consist of 15 minutes of cardio be it on an exercising bike, a treadmill or an elliptical. Immediately after this you want to train with weights, maybe some dumbbells or machines that target the specific area you’re concerned with ridding yourself off cellulite. Perform at leapt 15 minutes of weight training with a maximum of 10 repetitions for each of 4 sets. This isn’t written in stone but it’s a real easy way for anyone to start. Between each repetition it might be a good idea to stretch your muscles so as to ward off any possibility of muscle injury. With a program as simple as this, performed routinely, you can bet that your efforts of getting rid of cellulite shall be slowly but securely rewarded.

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