How to Choose the Best Exercise Bikes

Best Exercise BikeA lot of people would now rely on stationary bikes for their much needed exercise. The fitness equipment is a convenient way of burning off the calories and keeping your body fit and healthy. If you have this equipment at home, you will no longer need to drive your way to the nearest gym. You can also choose to install the bike in your office so you can exercise while on your break. What’s great is that there are lots of exercise bikes today that are being sold at very reasonable prices. Here is your guide in choosing the best bike to invest in.

Height Adjustments

It is a good idea to invest on a bike that comes with adjustable height features. This adjustability allows you to feel comfortable all throughout your exercise routine. As you know, people have varying heights so it would be great if the height of the equipment can be adjusted in order to accommodate your height. Exercising on a bike that is way taller or shorter than you will be very difficult. Worse, it might just lead to injuries.


It is also a good idea to invest on a bike that comes with a seat that you can easily adjust. The seat should be large enough to accommodate you, but not too large that you will feel uncomfortable when pedaling. If you go to a store to purchase the bike, it would be great if you can try out the bike right before you make a purchase. Sit on it and try to pedal through so you will know if the equipment is comfortable and easy for you to use. There are also bikes that come with back rests and they are a great choice for those who want to have support on their bike while pedaling.

Safety Features

Just like with buying any kind of exercise equipment, make sure that you choose the bike that comes with safety features. Remember that safety should be your number one priority when it comes to exercising so you have to make sure that all of the moving parts of the bike come with safety accessories.

For instance, the chain should be covered so it won’t be exposed that could lead to your feet coming in contact with the chain. This is also to ensure that small kids and pets will not be injured when they go near you while you are exercising.

Weight Rating

Make sure to choose the bike that is rated for your specific weight. There are several different models of exercise bikes that come with varying weight ratings so make sure that you choose the model that is well capable of supporting your weight.

Some of the bikes are rated for weights that are up to 400 pounds, and thus, looking for something that can accommodate your weight would not be that much of a problem. Just make sure that the bike is highly durable as well and that it will not easily get broken no matter how heavy you are.