The Eight Reasons to Get a Feather Wedding Dress

You might be a lady looking to stand out in a feather dress on her special wedding day, and as this would be a standout version of a wedding dress, it would be appropriate as all brides want all eyes on them the entire day. In addition, when you desire such a dress, it is recommended that you read some reviews from sites such as Boutique Feel reviews about such an eye-catching piece so you can gain some insights into how to approach this aspect of your wedding day. However, if you are still trying to figure out how to approach this, you can research some fashion news to see who is wearing what and when. And in turn, this would all lead you to some inspiration into which design and feathers you would require on your special day.

The history of the wedding dress

Following royalty in Victorian times, brides wore only white wedding dresses with no expense in providing the bride with the best in material, with usually a lace trim here and there; as many brides would know by now, that lace is usually the first go-to place. However, things were different for ladies with lower economic status; thus, the color of the garments differed, but they always took out that extraordinary dress for such an occasion. And it is also interesting to know that in ancient times, different cultures usually adorned themselves in brightly colored wedding garments to celebrate such an event traditionally celebrated by the entire society. Likewise, in ancient Roman times, brides had to wear yellow veils, and in the Zhou Dynasty, around 1046-256 BCE, wedding dresses were always black with red trimmings; however, it was only until the late 1920’s that feathered dresses took place, giving the name the “roaring twenties” its appropriate description, usually associated with the Gatsby era.

The “Roaring Twenties”

The inspiration behind the feathered wedding dress comes from the late 20s during the increase in the plume trade after the economic boom after WWI when it completely revolutionized lifestyle and culture. Henceforth, during those “Golden Age” years, women, usually referred to as Flappers, wore feathered boas around their necks to adorn their garments. However, during ceremonies, women have used feathers to extravagate their outfits since ancient times. Therefore, it is no wonder that ladies today want to include this plumage on their wedding dresses meant to be celebrated.

Other accessories to consider

Upon your coming wedding day, you might have chosen the perfect feathery dress, either one that is structured with some bridelike feathery headpiece, or a more extravagant ostrich-plumed little number covered in these beautiful ornaments from head to toe. Either way, you must also include other aspects of your attire. In addition, one dress might not be enough, as there would be a need for a bridal shower dress with some slight plumage at the bottom and an after-party number that would give you the freedom to dance the night away with all eyes on you, the bride. Henceforth, try to incorporate the perfect undergarments, jewelry, and shoes to complete your one-of-a-kind look for that one-of-a-kind day.

Author: nick